Tools of the trade

Tools of the trade

About the Maker

My story began from my industrial background.

Witnessing the decrease in the quality of craftsmanship and experience of our modern world, with the increase in the mass production of goods driven by cost, labour and time.

I decided to create SOWK.

To bring back the valued process of quality handmade craftsmanship, to produce durable every day carry goods. Featuring clean, simple, complimenting details. Made with care, made with the personal touch of my hands and made well.

SOWK carry goods are all completely designed and crafted in my small workshop in Yorkshire, England. Handmade from the first cut to the last stitch in small batches using simple and traditional techniques. Each piece is slowly laboured, using beautiful carefully selected materials which will age in a natural manner and gather a patina over time, making them totally unique.

You will find small batches and singular items that have been carefully designed and selected, using beautifully sourced materials including leather, fabric and hardware. Extra care and meticulous attention to detail is the key.

Everything is made to order, please allow 2 weeks before items are dispatched.

If quality, longevity and the unique style of the items you carry concern you, then you are looking in the right place.

'Recognise handmade'

David J Broadbent.


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