Time to introduce me.

6 months ago my life flipped on its axis...loses and gains, bad and good, rises and falls, things happen in life that we have no control over, for me that moment opened up my eyes even more to this magic life and its possibilities that we all share. It’s helped to teach me about how we adapt, evolve and take a positive so we can move forward and progress.

Dreams and dreaming big can come true and happen as long as we don’t make them our master. The path is written and if we control our’s in all of us.

I’m a firm believer in serendipity and that special people show up in your life just as special people leave it.

I’m the maker behind SOWK, from 4yrs of perfecting my craft, my feed is about the details and meticulous work that goes in to each and every item I make.

My website will be going live on Friday the 18th of May, to start with, goods will be dropped on the last Friday of every month at 2pm, then more regular thereafter, with an order book to follow.

More info about me and my goods will be on my website. 

Welcome to SOWK and my life as a maker. 

David J Broadbent