These hands my hands


These hands my hands

The rough sketches and drafts, pencils, rubbings, scratching my head ‘will it work?’ ‘will it look nice?’

the final choice, the decision made, these hands my hands making it happen.

ordering leather, the hardware and thread…waiting…

deliveries to sign for, cut and unwrap. these hands my hands making it happen.

scratching round templates, measuring twice, honing my blade, slice, decision made.

forming the pieces, gluing in place, marking and hammering holes, these hands my hands making it happen.

rounding off corners, burnishing edges, smoothing things down, threading the needle to stitch hole after hole,

cleaning each piece, photos to take, the description, the feed to upload, the download, the post,

notes, invoices, wrapping and packing, posting and tracking, making it happen.

These hands my hands.


David Broadbent