Individual Measure for Jay Blades


January 2019 saw me take on a special project for the award winning BBC presenter and furniture upcycler Jay Blades.

Out for a walk with Mrs B on a typically wild Yorkshire morning - our tranquility got a little bit interrupted by my phone buzzing away, who’s calling she asks?

Ah it’s only the BBC’s - The Repair Shop presenter Mr Jay Blades!


In his usual enthusiastic approach, he explains after purchasing one of the notebook cases I did for Hatchet + Bear - he absolutely loved the quality of craftsmanship and that he really wanted me to produce two special custom cases for his new smart Moleskine notebooks.


Custom orders are a pleasure to be involved in, for one they get your creative mind ticking as you bounce ideas back and forth - even better when it’s a fellow creative. Also there’s the satisfaction knowing that the pieces your making will be ‘one of a kinds’ or certainly small batches...which as you know, is what I’m all about at SOWK HQ.

The brief was met, of which included Jay’s ‘&’ logo and some minimal details all hand stitched in a beautiful turquoise thread. Black Italian vegetable tanned leather with a generous double front pocket - one side of which neatly holds an A6 size notebook or an array of writing instruments, and the other was designed for the Moleskine smart pen.


This particular project was a pleasure to work on (even though Mrs B’s Birthday - day out had to be postponed to hit the deadline) to produce these cases completely by hand, along with carefully sourced materials, the use of no machinery and for someone who understands the time, effort and care that goes in to quality handmade British craftsmanship.

One day I hope he’ll share their journey.